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Support groups through virtual reality. Find support from others like you, while staying home and remaining anonymous. All for free.

Our Mission: To bring community and mental well-being to all

If you're suffering from depression, addiction, loss of a loved one, anxiety, or any other issue, support groups can be extremely helpful. Unfortunately, these groups can be hard to find, difficult to get to, and, for some, there's the fear of others knowing that you are struggling.

We remove all those issues for you. Grove is perfect for you if you're struggling but:

  • You can't find a group for your specific struggle in your area

  • You don't have a way to get to groups (either you don't have transportation or other commitments, like work, don't allow you to make it on time)

  • You don't want to leave the house or travel to a support group

  • You don't want others to know that you're struggling

  • Don't want (or have the ability) to pay for a support groups

Grove uses virtual reality to overcome these barriers to traditional support groups, while still letting you feel in-person with your other members. This allows you to find the right group quicker, remain anonymous, and eliminate the need for transportation. We hope to help you overcome your past traumas, experiences, and struggles to enjoy a happier, healthier life.

Support Groups Today

Support groups as they are today have helped millions of people, but we think they could be even better. Grove can help you by improving upon how support groups currently function.

In-person support groups are great for many reasons but they don't allow you to remain anonymous which prevents many people from ever going. They also require transportation to and from the meeting, as well as, cannot meeting during times like COVID-19.

Online support groups overcome many of these issues, but at the expense of forming the group connectedness that an in-person group does.

We are creating a VR platform that combines the benefits of both in-person and online support groups. Grove allows you to stay home and stay anonymous, while still feeling near your fellow members. You can see the whole groups next to you, see them move when they move in real life, and see their mouth move when they talk.

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How We Support You


We will create a supportive environment that brings your group together in a natural, communal way


We will create a platform that allows you to seek help and support while maintaining complete privacy


We will create a virtual reality platform that is easily accessible to you. Anytime. Anywhere.

"I want to tell everyone I know about Grove."

Grove, AA Member

How It Works

Download Grove

In an Oculus VR headset, go to the Oculus store and download Grove. Once downloaded you can make an account using an email and password.

Find a Group

In the app, you can search through all the groups to see when they meet and what topic they focus on. Once you find a group for you, submit a request to join.

Join the Group

Log into the app during the scheduled meeting time and join your new group. In the meeting you will see all your fellow group members and can begin healing.

Team Members

Dom Valles

Dom Valles

Dom is our founder and lead developer. After graduating from Georgia Tech, he has spent years working with and designing VR applications. To date, he has created 30+ professional and personal games/experiences. After leading the VR team at the Home Depot Innovation Lab, working at Schell Games, creating an AR surgical application, and teaching courses about VR development in Atlanta, Dom decided to found Grove.

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The task that we are taking on is by no means an easy one and we can't do it alone. If you ever think you'd like to lend a helping hand, provide feedback, or just stay up to date, please let us know.



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